With high quality
products, YONEX will
continue to enrich
the world with sports

By combining timeless Japanese craftsmanship
and cutting-edge technology, we have been
giving players the tools they need to triumph on
the court for over 60 years. The Yonex
philosophy has always remained the same: to
contribute to the world through innovative
technology and the highest-quality products.


“Contribute to the world through innovative technology and
the highest quality products.”

 We are living in a time of significant change. Changes in people’s values, attitudes, and lifestyles have been accelerated by the risks of COVID-19, the constraints of everyday life, and the uncertainties of environmental and societal global issues.

 In such a time, sports are increasing in its value. Many people have reaffirmed the joy and fun of physical exercise and the undeniable power of human connection gained through athletic interactions. This beauty of sport can be shared by anyone, transcending borders, languages, gender, or age, and is the very essence of “diversity” that is needed today. As a sporting goods manufacturer, I believe in the power of sports. In this era of change, I want Yonex to become a company that learns and adapts with the times, while finding new paths to create value for both sports and the communities that surround them.

 At the same time, we will firmly protect what we should not change. The words of our late founder and now company philosophy, “Contribute to the world with innovative technologies and the highest quality products,” has created a foundational outlook on the skills we polish, the purpose of our efforts, and the curiosity we nurture. We are advocates for both the advancement and development of sports. Craftsmanship, or “monozukuri”, and innovation are the words that describe Yonex’s core practices. Combined with our continued eagerness to engage more people through the joy of sports, we will never sway from producing and delivering our highest quality products to customers around the world.

 Yonex is comprised of people who possess diverse skills, diverse values, and unwavering passion. I am honored to be appointed as the leader that will guide this team into new grounds, and together, continue our evolution of this company.

Alyssa Yoneyama
President and Representative Director
April 1, 2022