Yonex’s 2024 Melbourne Collection combines state-of-the-art cooling technology with a fresh, bold design that captures the drama, sounds and emotions of the opening Grand Slam of the year.

Inspired by a wave, the 2024 Melbourne Collection is colorful and unmissable, even at a distance, and will ensure that Team Yonex athletes will compete in style when the tournament begins on Sunday 14th January.

Elena Rybakina (KAZ), who is on a roll after winning the Brisbane International in the first week of the season, is among the Team Yonex stars who will benefit from the VERYCOOL technology. On hot afternoons and warm nights in Melbourne, that technology will use the cooling material Xylitol to absorb heat and perspiration and lower body heat by 3°C. For enhanced performance, the 2024 Melbourne Collection is also made with PRECISION MOVE technology, with special cutting techniques that reduce the stress on the arm swing and allow for quick and smooth steps. In these outfits, stars such as Casper Ruud (NOR) will be free to move and swing their Yonex racquets just as they please, allowing them to play their best tennis.

As part of Yonex’s commitment to reducing the impact on the environment, the 2024 Melbourne Collection is created using recycled polyester.

With Yonex tennis shoes matching the colors of the 2024 Melbourne collection, Team Yonex athletes can coordinate their looks from head to toe. Looking good helps Yonex players to feel good on the court, which will allow them to produce strong performances in Australia.