TOKYO — Yonex Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the arrival of the FUSIONREV 5 tennis shoe. The FUSIONREV series is a performance-fit series designed to give players a high-performance footwork.

The significance of players’ footwork is sharpened with each iteration of the FUSIONREV series. The new fifth-generation has been upgraded for intermediate and advanced players seeking a natural fit and motion on the court and is trusted by Yonex ambassadors Yoshihito Nishioka (JPN) and Dayana Yastremska (UKR).

With new TPU Shank, Updated Fusion Wing and Durable Skin upper and msLITE X, we can achieve the natural fit and motion.

The new TPU Shank has a wider, 3-D construction that provides multi-directional stability around the court, enhances natural movement. The new shank is placed between the midsole, and the outsole provides optimal foot support.

The Updated Fusion Wing provides active support and stability by placing the wing in the forefoot rather than the arch, providing a comfortable hold and promoting natural, quick lateral movement.

Another innovative feature is the Durable Skin upper, which provides 360-degree softness while securely supporting the foot from above with a natural hold while the light and soft msLITE X midsole offers bouncy support from below. Allowing modern comfort and stress-free footwork on the court.

The new FUSIONREV 5 is available in men’s and women’s models, in two colorways for all-court and one for clay courts and will be available in March 2023.


New TPU Shank

The wide, three-dimensional construction of the TPU shank, placed between the midsole and outsole, provides multi-directional stability, and ensures optimal support on the court.

Updated Fusion Wing

Fusion wing located on the forefoot delivers active support and stability for a comfortable hold. 

Durable Skin and msLITE X 

The softer Durable Skin upper and lightweight msLITE X midsole provides natural hold and bouncy support for the foot from above and below.

Semi One-Piece Outsole

The sole is connected as semi one-piece to increase the contact with the ground for enhanced grip, stability, and protection against unwanted twisting, allowing players to make sudden changes in direction with confidence. 

Pinpoint Pattern

Three different stud patterns are strategically placed in parts of the outsole, helping to move quickly around the court, and efficiently stop and slide when needed. 

Power Cushion+ 

Yonex’s signature shock-absorbing material is designed for faster footwork that transforms impact into energy. Compared to conventional cushioning (EVA), POWER CUSHION+ has 28%*1 more shock absorption and 62%*2 more repulsion.

1Tested by Yonex 

2Measured by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association


POWER CUSHION FUSIONREV 5 MEN (All-Court, Black / Purple, White) [LINK]


POWER CUSHION FUSIONREV 5 WOMEN (All-Court, Mist purple, White) [LINK]