TOKYO — Yonex is proud to announce the launch of ECLIPSION 5, a new tennis shoe series designed for intermediate and advanced players. This footwear was developed to provide superior support for a player’s intense and dynamic footwork during play, including sudden stops and changes in direction that are core to playing tennis.

With enhanced stability and fit, the ECLIPSION 5 tennis shoes are designed to help players feel more confident on the court. The ECLIPSION 5 will be available in all court and clay court models and is set to launch worldwide in late January 2024.

The signature shock-absorbing material by Yonex has been transformed into a new shape that improves shock absorption by 28% (*2), providing extra support on the outer side of the foot. Additionally, POWER CUSHION+ has been integrated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU; a resilient material that exhibits both elasticity and plastic-like durability) in the outsole area, which provides increased court gripping and quickens spring back power by 5% (*3). This enables players to quickly change their directions and finetune their movements on the tennis court for better control over their next movement.

The new ECLIPSION 5 shoes are set to be used by several top athletes, including No. 4 (*4) Elena Rybakina (KAZ), World No.9 (*4) Hubert Hurkacz (POL), and World No.11 (*4) Casper Ruud (NOR). 

Yonex remains committed to supporting athletes in achieving their best performance by providing world-class, high-quality products and driving innovation through unique technology. 

*1: POWER CUSHION™ is a trademark of Yonex Co., Ltd.

*2: Measured by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA), in comparison to conventional shock absorption material (ethylene-vinyl acetate)

*3: Tested by Yonex, in comparison to its competitor

*4: Ranking as of December 11, 2023


POWER CUSHION+: New shape, enabling quick and springy response

The newly-shaped POWER CUSHION+ absorbs the ground and lateral pressure when changing directions.

POWER CUSHION+ is built with excellent shock absorption and resilience properties. To demonstrate its strength, Yonex conducted a test that showed that a raw egg not only survived a 12-meter drop onto a POWER CUSHION+ mat without cracking, but also bounced back up to a height of six meters.

POWER CUSHION+ combined with TPU parts: Enhanced rigidity, improving quicker spring back

When players execute a gliding movement on the court, the motion exerts considerable pressure on their feet. By integrating TPU support with POWER CUSHION+ material, the TPU components serve as a barrier when the foot experiences pressure from the rigorous footwork. POWER CUSHION+ then absorbs the impact and promptly supports the players’ feet for a seamless transition into the next movement.

ECLIPSION 5 One-Piece Outsole: Smoother gliding footwork (All-Court only)

ECLIPSION 5 features a denser sole pattern compared to its previous model, ECLIPSION 4. The adjustment in the new model increases the ground contact area,
leading to enhanced stability. Through this, players can achieve a more secure balance and better control over their movements.


POWER CUSHION ECLIPSION 5 MEN (All-Court, Blue Green, White) [LINK]


POWER CUSHION ECLIPSION 5 CLAY MEN (Clay-Court, Black/Purple, Olive) [LINK]